Sir Bernard Silverman FRS

I am a statistician whose research has ranged widely across theoretical and practical aspects of statistics. The focus has been on computational statistics, researching the ways that computing power has changed our ability to collect, analyse, understand and utilise data.  I have collaborated in many scientific fields, and with various areas of industry and government.  After an academic career, I spent seven years as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Home Office.

I now work freelance, with roles including research, consultancy, and expert advice.  My current portfolio encompasses modern slavery, security, official statistics, research integrity, and science and technology for policy and government.  

My work in the area of Modern Slavery (more details here) centres around my post as Professor of Modern Slavery Statistics at Nottingham University and also encompasses various national and international advisory activities.  
I am also Emeritus Professor of Statistics at Bristol and Oxford Universities, and Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford.  A full list of my current activities is available here.   

Some interviews and talks about me and what I do

A photo from Chalkdust

For more about statistics and Modern Slavery, watch this TEDx talk. There's also a podcast, a radio segment and a webinar on my Modern Slavery media page.  

I talked to the students from UCL who edit Chalkdust magazine about science, statistics, government and more besides.  Part of a conference on Global Systems Dynamics and Policy, this podcast has some thoughts about the larger aspects of the way that science interacts with policy.

When I was at the Home Office, I was interviewed for the house magazine Inside Track.