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Here is a link to a full list of my publications.

Recent publications are listed below. 



Bernard W. Silverman.   Model fitting in Multiple Systems Analysis for the quantification of Modern Slavery:  Classical and Bayesian approaches.  Available here and at

Kevin Bales, Bodean Hedwards & Bernard W. Silverman.  Modern Slavery Research: the UK Picture. Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and University of Nottingham.  Available at  76pp and interactive database.

Peter J. Diggle, Peter J. Green & Bernard W. Silverman. Julian Ernst Besag. 26 March 1945–6 August 2010. Biogr. Mems Fell. R. Soc. 64, 27­–50.  

Adrian Raftery, Hana Sevcikova & Bernard W. Silverman.  Vote: Election Vote Counting.  R package, available from  

Bernard W. Silverman. The R package modslavmse for multiple systems analysis. 



Bernard W. Silverman, Ludger Evers, Kan Xu, Peter Carbonetto and Matthew Stephens).  EbayesThresh: Empirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods.  R package, available from